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About Dicoll

Our site uses the Discord bot to provide several statistics to help you easily find Discord servers.

How to use Dicoll

Add Discord Server

From the icons on the far left, click the + icon.

Discord bot commands

"/up" can raise the Discord server to the top. (It will be available again after 1 hour. / It will be displayed at the top on the main and search pages.)

Event [Server] Introduction & Conditions

  • Event [Server] Introduction & Conditions "Event" is linked with the Discord server event function. The main page display conditions are displayed from 100 people, and you must also write down the content and end time. (If there is no event content, it will not be displayed.)
  • To be removed: ( Repeated offenses may be banned. )
    • Event duration longer than 7 days
    • inappropriate publicity
    • repetitive content

Terms of service

These Terms may change at any time, so you should check them regularly. If the User continues to use the Services after any changes to these Terms, the User will be bound by the latest version of these Terms.

If something on the website violates the policy, you should contact Dicoall, and any violations within the Discord should be directed to the Discord Official.


The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities with users in relation to the use of Internet information provision services (hereinafter referred to as services) provided by Dicoall.


  • Users refer to members and non-members who access Dicoall and use the services provided by Dicoall in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • A member is a user who accesses Dicoall, tries to log in, and signs a contract of use.
  • “Dicoall Discord” means the official Dicoall Discord

Clarification and Amendment of Contract Rights

  • This translation becomes effective when notified on the Dicoall website.
  • When Dicoall revises the terms and conditions, the date of application, the content of the revision, and the reason for the revision must be specified, and the user is notified on the Dicoall Discord at least 7 days prior to the effective date. In this case, it is notified in the same way as in the text by 15 days prior to the effective date and notified to the user by the above method.
  • When the Terms and Conditions are amended, we notify or notify the change of Terms and Conditions according to the above, and confirm the user's intention to reject. If you do not inform us of your objection, you will be deemed to have accepted the new terms and conditions.

Applied outside the terms and conditions

  • By using the website, you agree to the terms of the Terms.
  • Unless there is a special reason, users cannot be denied or prohibited from using the service. However, if it falls under any of the following subparagraphs, you may refuse to use the service.
    • Users who have been punished by our Terms of Service
    • In case the acceptance is judged to be inappropriate for other reasons corresponding to each subparagraph

privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our website.

Purpose of collection:

  • server stats
  • List of bots used
  • List of Frequent Activities

What we collect:

  • Website activity (login: nickname, serial number, profile image, browser cookie)
  • Information provided by the Discord API (excluding email address)

collection method:

  • We use Discord bots to collect (chat time, call time, activity content, activity time) through the Discord API.

Collection period:

All data will be destroyed upon termination of service. (User data can be destroyed at any time upon request)

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on this website to collect information about how visitors use our website and to improve how our service works. You can learn more about how Google Analytics works and how we collect information in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

To opt out of Google Analytics, download the "Opt-out Browser Add-on" from the URL below. You can edit your Google Analytics settings after installation. Google Analytics Opt-out browser add-on

Privacy Policy of Other Websites

The website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read that website's privacy policy.


These are guidelines that must be followed to add or maintain servers.

Server blocking criteria

  1. Violation of the Discord Official Guidelines on the Discord Server
  2. When writing an article that violates the Discord Official Guidelines of illegal programs, gambling, etc. within the web page
  3. In the case of servers in the adult category, when writing obscene words in the server description

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